About Us

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to promote and advance the use of steel in the Structural Steel Industry. To cooperate with the Canadian and American Institutes of Steel Construction and other associations. To  provide information, education and services to our members as deemed desirable. Through this process we will look at all facets of our industry.. Legality of Contracts, Industry Safety- Ministry of Labour, Collections, Best Practices, Technical Support, Bonding, Liens, Section 5: Scope of Work & Specifications and anything else our membership wishes for us to get involved with as it relates to the Structural Steel Fabrication industry in the Province of Ontario, Canada.

About Us

Our Goal is to have every Structural Steel Fabricator join our Association in Ontario. Strength in Numbers. We want to work better, safer and more efficiently with our partners. Specifically with Clients, Consultants (Architects and Engineers) and the General Construction Industry as a whole.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Association was created by the Structural Steel Fabricators in Ontario to help represent our Fabrication Industry. We represent Fabricators and our direct Suppliers.

How we can Help

We are the watchdog for our Structural Steel Industry in Ontario. Let us focus on Tendering - latest Steel Trends- Best Practices - Safety and Legal Review. We watch your back as you as an OSSFA Member are focused on managing your steel fabrication business! We keep our members informed, Educated and Understood! We are here for you.

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