Download OSSFA Form 11.2

OSSFA Form 11.2 (pdf)


OSSFa Form 11.2


OSSFA Form 11.2 Terms and Conditions

 Our membership will be adding this specific document as a lead letter to their bids. This will help explain the terms and conditions that we are working to when performing our Structural Steel work in Canada and specifically Ontario. We want to avoid any confusion and misunderstandings.

OSSFA 11.2 Intro Letter is located below to help explain this form.

This document goes a long way in helping our Clients, Consultants and the Construction Industry understand how we as Structural Steel Fabricators perform our work and what we include and what we do not include. We encourage the entire Construction Industry to review this document- this is the go-to document for Structural Steel scope and tendering in the future.

download ossfa form 11.2 intro letter

Intro letter Form 11.2 (pdf)